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About adding country and rural properties for sale
If you are always registered, you have a Nome Utente (Username) and a Password. Then you can go directly to the page

If you are not yet registered, and you want to learn more about prices and modality of registration, please read here below
Basic service
  • Advertising for a period 12 months
  • It is possible to add properties from any part of the world
  • You can add descriptive text, with unlimited space, in many languages (you provide the translation)
  • It is possible to add a large number of details, that become visible by any of the search engines
  • Any property card is immediately visible by any of the 9 current search engines
  • Unlimited pictures can be shown
  • Any advertiser get a personal catalogue, with his properties only
Only one property
  • price 125 € plus VAT
Unlimited properties
  • price 350 € plus VAT
If you are interested in the service and you want to register, please go to the page

Payment and registration

If you want to contact us for any kind of assistance, you can use this practical contact form.